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HVAC Company in Tallahassee, FL

One of our founding principles here at Parker Services Inc, is integrity. We stand behind every project we work on. Chances are, if you’ve got a heater or an air conditioner that we’ve had our hands on, you’re in good shape. This takes many requirements—from education, to equipment, professionals like us are fully able to handle anything you need.

Our Tallahassee, FL specialists are the premier experts in HVAC service. We provide installations, repairs, maintenance, and replacements any day of the year. Our 24/7 emergency services, mixed with our 30-year reputation means we’re a household name in the area. Homeowners call us for respectful team members and expert service that gets the job done right. Stop working with amateurs or large companies that you don’t know anything about, call your local pros today.

We’ve been serving the Tallahassee area responsibly for over 30 years. Contact us today and let our work speak for itself. Comfort’s just a call away!

Air Conditioning

If you’re in need of air conditioning services in Tallahassee, FL, then chances are you need it soon. Temperatures can be hot for most of the year, which means a home without a functioning air conditioner is going to struggle with comfort. By calling our team, you’re signing up for service with excellence, experience, qualifications, and brand names you recognize, so we can get your home cooled as soon as possible.


You might not think you need heat now, but on one of the few chilly nights we have here in Florida you’ll be thinking otherwise. Not every team in Tallahassee, FL has the know-how to work on a heater, since so much time is spent training staff on air conditioners—that’s not the case with us! We might even be the only team in Florida that knows how to work on a boiler! Just give us a call if you want professional heating services you can count on.

Indoor Air Quality

Are you constantly coughing and sneezing to the point where it’s starting to disrupt your life? Are your asthmatic friends or relatives having trouble when they come to your house? You could be dealing with some serious air quality problems. These won’t go away no matter how much you try to dust or clean your space, only indoor air quality systems like an air purifier or filtration system will deal with the issue in its entirety. Call us today to get started.

Commercial HVAC

Business owners deserve service that’s focused and uninterrupted. Nothing feels worse than calling an HVAC technician only to deal with years of faulty or failing equipment and staff that’s just not up for the job. With our 24/7 emergency services, staff that know what they’re doing, and highly reputable certifications, you really can’t sign up with anyone better than us in Tallahassee, FL. Trust us with your commercial HVAC needs.


Maintenance is the key to keeping your systems running effectively and efficiently. Each year an air conditioner runs without maintenance is a compounding 5% decrease in efficiency, which can eventually lead your bills to skyrocket. If you’re looking to save money in the long run, we urge you to sign up for our maintenance plan for increased comfort and great deals.

Serving Tallahassee, FL & Surrounding Areas

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