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D L G, Last month

working good now

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Donna Courman, Last month
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laura adams, Last month

Top of their game.
Will only use Parker Services .

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charles powell, Last month

I have worked with Parker in the past . When our compressor at home died i tryed to call a local ac contractor who came and tried to sell a 12.000 dollarAC unit when all i needed was a compressor so i called Parker services in Tallahassee who came and verified the problem and fixed it However in the world of Heating and Cooling things can be Manufactured that don't work. the compressor failed after about 4 hours run time . so i called Parker the next day and several hours later the service tech was back. verified the compressor was bad. They had to find one. 4 days later it was fixed and running. I was in apartment maintenance for 11 years and worked with parker services on my property and found the Parkers to have integrity and the employees to be first rate.

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Pat Mixon, Last month

Matthew was fabulous to work with and was very professional. Parker Services is fabulous to work with.

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Richard Farmer, Last month

Had new AC added to upstairs area where unit was installed in attic space. The crew was on time and very pleasant to work with. Installation went well, and the 6 month service did also. We have not had any problems of any kind.

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Adewale Adebayo, Last month

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Harri, Last month

Nolyo (lead svc eng) was very professional and knowledgeable when completing the HVAC maintenance. He communicated and provided frequent updates. He reviewed the contract terms and set clear expectations regarding the next services to be completed. I would like to suggest that his company provide their techs the ability to accept credit when they are on-site with a customer. I was mildly surprised that their company require them to call in credit card info...when chip capturing is so much more secure. Dynamic techs...great service.

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Patricia Davis, Last month
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John Bryant, Last month

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