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Tallahassee, FL Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Commercial air conditioning services are absolutely vital for communities and businesses alike. It’s not just for comfort reasons, having no air conditioning in our area of Tallahassee, FL is just not an option if you’re trying to run a business or entertain guests in a building. That’s why our team has worked for decades to improve our ability to combat the heat with commercial HVAC technology and education, giving us access to brands that we stand behind 100%.

With Parker Services Inc our purpose is simple—to perform quality services that exceed in both energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We pride ourselves on being owned and operated by a licensed mechanical engineer who knows his way around building architecture and where the perfect location might be for a commercial air conditioning system.

Contact the pros of commercial air conditioning services today. Comfort’s just a call away!

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

If you’ve ever needed an industrial air conditioner installed, we want to then emphasize how important it is that this service is provided by professionals. It’s not just for comfort or peace of mind, even though those are great side effects to professional service, it’s also for safety reasons as well as staying up to code in your building. Only a team with thorough training and education knows how to set up a commercial air conditioner to municipal standards.

Commercial air conditioning installation is a service that we provide because it’s popular and necessary in Tallahassee, FL. We want to provide sensible cooling solutions for businesses in our area and help steer them away from subpar service providers that would get away with amateur work and poor craftsmanship. Call us today!

Commercial Air Conditioning Replacement

What happens when your air conditioner was installed incorrectly? Let’s say it was undersized or oversized for your business and you’re starting to pay the price. Well, you could try to run it as long as possible, but a breakdown is inevitable. The second and more appropriate option you have is to call our team for comprehensive commercial air conditioning replacement services.

Plus even the best commercial air conditioners don’t last forever. This replacement can be refreshing and give a business or building owner the feeling of starting anew with a blank slate. Call us and talk to us about what you’re dealing with and let’s see where we can help.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Commercial air conditioners work very hard during our hot summer seasons. By putting out a lot of cooling, they also run into many problems that need to be addressed quickly and effectively. Thankfully, there are teams like us in Tallahassee, FL that provide 24/7 emergency services for your air conditioning woes so that you never have to feel like you’re in trouble.

We also provide commercial air conditioning maintenance services for vigilant building owners that want to stay on top of their HVAC system’s condition. With our maintenance service, we can come and provide a thorough inspection and report back to you with the information you’re looking for. If the system is running into trouble, then we can give you plenty of time and options to consider in the future.

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