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Tallahassee, FL Ceiling Fans & Services

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One of the best ways to get cool in a Tallahassee, FL home is with a ceiling fan. Not only are ceiling fans attractive additions to homes, they can help reduce how much the household has to rely on powering the air conditioning system to stay comfortable in hot weather. Ceiling fans can even help with comfort during colder weather.

You need the best electricians to ensure your ceiling fans are well-installed and kept in good repair. Parker Services Inc has a 30-year reputation as a premier service provider in the Tallahassee area, and our electricians can meet all your ceiling fans needs as well as any other electrical job you need done.

Contact our team at Parker Services for ceiling fan installation, repair, replacement, and more. Comfort’s just a call away!

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans don’t actually lower the temperature in a room. What they do is create air currents that make people feel cooler. The movement of air creates wind chill, removing the heat envelope from around the body so the body can release more heat. Using a ceiling fan can make a room feel 8°F cooler and that’s often the difference between whether the AC needs to be on or off.

Ceiling fans can also rotate their blades in the opposite direction, which pushes air from the ceiling down into the room. This is a useful mode in cooler weather, as it better circulates warm air around the room. 

To ensure you get the full benefits from your ceiling fans, arrange for our electricians to install them. You can trust that we’ll do a great job and your ceiling fan will work well for many years. 

Ceiling Fan Replacement

Is your old ceiling fan wobbly or unreliable, or maybe you just don’t like how it looks? No problem, call Parker Services Inc and we’ll give you a ceiling fan upgrade. We carry the best brands that we stand by 100%.

Ceiling Fan Repair

Because ceiling fans are hardwired-electrical devices, you can’t make repairs to them on your own—and there’s no need to when you have our electricians to take on the job. We abide by the H.E.L.P. principle in all we do: Honesty, Empathy, Loyalty, and Professionalism. You’ll soon understand why we’ve earned such a great reputation for quality work that keeps customers coming back.

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