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Heating Repair Services in Tallahassee, FL

There are so many homeowners in Tallahassee, FL that perform web searches for “heating repairs near me,” or “heating system repair near me,” only to be disappointed by amateur service or a contractor that doesn’t know how to repair their particular boiler or radiant heating system. We’ve seen that happen too many times, which is why we want to emphasize that with Parker Services Inc, you get over 30 years of experience and the know-how of a team that’s been professionally and technically trained.

To be blatantly honest, we’re not in the heating repair business for the quick money. We’ve realized time and time again by being members of this community that peak performance of HVAC systems is the best way to keep customers satisfied and coming back. When your heating system works fine, you know who to call when any issue arises, and that’s good enough for us. Give us a ring today!

Heating repair services don’t have to be complicated. Contact our team today for expert service. Comfort’s just a call away!

Furnace Repairs

Furnaces are by no means the most complicated system to repair, but it absolutely makes a difference when you have them checked out by a professional. Especially if you run a gas furnace, you’re playing with fire—literally—if you have anyone other than a trained and certified professional check your gas lines and maintain the status of your system.

Furnaces can run into all sorts of problems, from clogged air filters, to lowered heating outputs, to inefficiency and more. These can be easily sorted by a pro who knows what they’re doing, and you’ll be driven to the easiest and most affordable solution that will nip such an issue in the bud. Call our Tallahassee, FL team today for the experience and HVAC credentials you’re looking for.

Boiler Repairs

We understand, it’s not every day you see a team in Tallahassee, FL that specializes in boiler repairs, but we’re that team! While they might be rare in our climate and area, they are absolutely viable as a heating system. We often recommend for homes that have trouble dealing with cold temperatures to invest in a system like a boiler. They last longer than furnaces and can feel more comfortable than your average forced air system.

However, when a boiler breaks, it really breaks. You can have leaking pipes, water damage, mold growth, and a plethora of other nasty issues that will confuse any amateur without a background in boiler system service. Do yourself a favor, and call our number for your boiler repairs so that you never have to guess at what’s wrong in your system.

Ductless Heating Repairs

Ductless heating is the way of the future, and the technology is advancing into hyper-efficient territory more and more every year. The problem is, no amount of advanced technology is going to keep your system from requiring ductless heating repairs every few years. It’s only a natural part of HVAC equipment, like oil changes are for your car, that repairs be made when something appears wrong.

Thankfully, our team of professionals know ductless heating systems inside and out. We have all the industry knowledge and tips to increase efficiency levels, fix vital components, and leave you with a heating and cooling system that will really shine in the winter months. Call us today!

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