What Happens During an AC Tune-Up?

May 10th, 2021

If you’ve ever talked to an HVAC professional, you’ve probably been told that your air conditioner needs a maintenance tune-up every once in a while. Maybe you brushed off this suggestion, but the fact of the matter is AC maintenance is really important!

Many homeowners see this as a “luxury” service, one that only people who can really afford it get. But professional air conditioning tune-ups actually help homeowners save money. It’s safe to say that you can’t afford not to have a tune-up done, especially when you live somewhere as warm as Tallahassee.

Professional tune-ups allow our technicians to find problem areas within your air conditioner before they grow into much bigger emergency repair needs. Maintenance also helps your air conditioner function more efficiently and last longer. This is all good news for your budget!

But what actually happens during maintenance. What do we do when we come out for a tune-up?

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How to Ensure Your AC Performs Well This Summer

April 26th, 2021

While in other parts of the country it’s just starting to warm up, it’s almost like summer in our area year-round. So the last thing you need is to come home to a living space that’s too warm because your air conditioner stopped working, right?

Of course, this is a lot less likely to happen if you take proper care of that system. This starts with professional maintenance. During a maintenance tune-up, our professionals comprehensively clean, adjust, and inspect your air conditioner. The inspection part of this process alerts us to any repair needs your system might need, and getting these repairs on your schedule ASAP will ensure that your system is ready to tackle summer this year.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve had maintenance done yet, it’s always a good idea to know the signs that you need AC repairs and to give us a call once you notice any of the indicators we’re about to list below. Staying on top of your AC repair needs, especially with an aging system, is the best way to ensure that your air conditioner performs well this summer.

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How to Boost AC Efficiency This Summer

April 12th, 2021

Spring is upon us, and summer is right around the corner. Of course, in our area it practically feels like it’s always summer, right? So, you need a fully functional, effective, and efficient air conditioner that you can rely on. Hopefully, you’ve had or have at least scheduled spring maintenance for your air conditioner, which allows our techs to comprehensively inspect, clean, and adjust components that need it.

If you haven’t scheduled this service yet, give us a call! In the meantime, there are some actions you can take on your own that will boost AC efficiency even more, and therefore lower your energy costs. Read on to learn what they are.

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How to Use Your Cooling System Most Efficiently This Summer

March 29th, 2021

Springtime is officially here, and for Florida residents that means soaring temperatures—the concept of “cool” weather is really lost on homeowners around here, so addressing our cooling needs now is always a good option. Let’s face it, we use our air conditioners on a fairly regular basis, right? Hopefully, you’ve invested in maintenance already—maintenance allows our technicians to fully inspect, clean, and adjust components that need it. This ensures your air conditioner works as effectively and efficiently as possible for as long as possible.

Maintenance each and every year (or every six months if you have a heat pump system) is the best way to ensure that your air conditioner works as efficiently as possible and helps you save money, but it’s not the only way to boost efficiency. Here are some other methods to do so:

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It’s That Time: Call Us to Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance

March 15th, 2021

It’s that time of year again! No, we aren’t talking about the time to get to the local Downtown Market (although that is a great event to check out). It’s officially maintenance season! We know this is less exciting than a festival or a pop-up market, but maintenance season is important to remember. It can play a big role in making or breaking your comfort come summer, after all.

Have you scheduled your appointment for air conditioning maintenance yet? If you haven’t, we’d suggest you do it soon. Getting your annual tune-up taken care of now can save you time, money, and stress later on.

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What a Furnace Heat Exchanger Is and Why It Matters

March 1st, 2021

Many homeowners in our area have gas-powered furnaces in their households to keep their families warm. A furnace is an excellent choice—it’s powerful and cost-effective. Today’s models even have a higher efficiency rating than just a decade ago, with the highest AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating for a gas furnace being 98%. Trust us when we say that’s an efficient heater!

But in addition to efficiency, you want to be able to rely on safety when it comes to your heating system. That’s not to say that gas-powered furnaces are inherently dangerous. But if you don’t properly care for yours, it can become dangerous.

The most common cause of an unsafe furnace—particularly an aging one—is a cracked heat exchanger. Even if you don’t have a problem with a heat exchanger, if your furnace is 15+ years old, it’s time to start looking into an upgrade. We’ll dive more into the “why” of this below.

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New Heater? Consider Investing in a Heat Pump!

February 15th, 2021

Tallahassee isn’t the coldest climate in the world. Or the country. Or, you know, the coast. Truth be told, your air conditioner will definitely see a heck of a lot more use than your home heating system does. So no real reason to give your heater all that much thought, right?

Well, that’s not true, but you likely already knew that.

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3 Tips for Boosting Heating Efficiency

February 1st, 2021

Because our heating season is, oh, a thousand times less intense than our cooling season, it’s easy to downplay the importance of great heating efficiency. Then again, a lot of mistakes are pretty easy to make, aren’t they?

And that’s precisely what downplaying the importance of your heater’s efficiency is—a mistake. We may not deal with subzero temperatures around here like they do in the Northeast, but our nights drop down to the 50s, the 40s, and even the 30s regularly. That is more than enough reason to put some serious focus on your heater in Crawfordville.

Don’t trick yourself into thinking that high heating costs are just a part of the winter season. Make sure that you’re setting your heater—and your budget—up for success by doing what you can to boost its overall efficiency levels.

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3 Ways You Can Avoid Heating Problems

January 25th, 2021

Living in a hot climate is no excuse for overlooking the needs of your home heating system. When things cool down enough to make your home uncomfortable—which can and will happen—you need your heating system to rise right up to the challenge.

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Do You Know When to Call for Furnace Repairs?

January 4th, 2021

Living in Florida, it is easy to take our warm and sunny weather for granted. We get that. For the most part, your heating system is really the last thing on your mind.

Until you need it, that is. And especially until you need it and it’s not functioning properly!

While we may not have the dangerously cold temperatures and heavy snowfall that they get up north, we certainly have enough chilly weather in the winter season to need our furnaces to operate reliably.

And, since there is no such thing as a 100% reliable furnace, we definitely need to know what signs of furnace trouble to be aware of. Keep the following tips in mind, and let us know if you suspect the need for furnace repair in Tallahassee, FL.

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