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Winter Maintenance: Is It Worth It?

Monday, December 4th, 2023

Heating maintenance in Tallahassee, FL can be a tough sell. For starters, most people in this area just don’t rely on their heating systems nearly as much as people even slightly north of us. And, to make matters even more complicated, people rely on all sorts of different heating systems. This can make having a “one size fits all” solution or bit of advice a little tricky.

The good news is that every single heating system requires maintenance at least once a year, and some require it twice. So if you were on the fence about investing in maintenance, this blog post will hopefully give you the tools you need to finally pull the trigger and invest.

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Heating Maintenance Expectations in Tallahassee

Monday, September 25th, 2023

Many homeowners don’t think they need heating maintenance in Tallahassee, or they’ll at least look at you like you’re strange when you consider it. This makes sense because we live in Florida and we don’t deal with the temperature drops that many of our northern neighbors and family members do, but that’s still not the whole story.

We’d argue that heating maintenance in Tallahassee, FL is actually perfect for those of us who live closer to the tropics, and we’ll prove it. It’s true that we might not use our heating systems as much as someone who lives in Montana or New York, but we’re also less likely to upgrade our heating systems due to this limited usage. This means that you’ll want your heater working for longer, which is what maintenance is all about!

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Is Now Too Late for Heating Maintenance?

Monday, January 30th, 2023

Well, no not really. But you probably didn’t come to a blog to hear a one-phrase answer, right? You probably want the juicy details, the information, and all the stuff that makes our opinion actually worth something! Well, we won’t disappoint.

The idea of “late maintenance” is one that doesn’t really make sense in a seasonal sense, but it does in a routine sense. Heating maintenance in Tallahassee, FL is a service that you should be getting for your heating system once every year, but not many homeowners know why that is. And, when it comes to what time of year is the best, we usually recommend fall, but that’s another preference and not the rule.

Basically, as we’ll get into below, it’s more important that you have your heating system maintained regardless of when it is. As long as you invest in this service routinely, you’ll be in good shape.

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3 Tips for Boosting Heating Efficiency

Monday, February 1st, 2021

Because our heating season is, oh, a thousand times less intense than our cooling season, it’s easy to downplay the importance of great heating efficiency. Then again, a lot of mistakes are pretty easy to make, aren’t they?

And that’s precisely what downplaying the importance of your heater’s efficiency is—a mistake. We may not deal with subzero temperatures around here like they do in the Northeast, but our nights drop down to the 50s, the 40s, and even the 30s regularly. That is more than enough reason to put some serious focus on your heater in Crawfordville.

Don’t trick yourself into thinking that high heating costs are just a part of the winter season. Make sure that you’re setting your heater—and your budget—up for success by doing what you can to boost its overall efficiency levels.

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