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Comfort’s just a call away!


Serving Tallahassee, FL


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Is Now Too Late for Heating Maintenance?

Well, no not really. But you probably didn’t come to a blog to hear a one-phrase answer, right? You probably want the juicy details, the information, and all the stuff that makes our opinion actually worth something! Well, we won’t disappoint.

The idea of “late maintenance” is one that doesn’t really make sense in a seasonal sense, but it does in a routine sense. Heating maintenance in Tallahassee, FL is a service that you should be getting for your heating system once every year, but not many homeowners know why that is. And, when it comes to what time of year is the best, we usually recommend fall, but that’s another preference and not the rule.

Basically, as we’ll get into below, it’s more important that you have your heating system maintained regardless of when it is. As long as you invest in this service routinely, you’ll be in good shape.

Here’s Some Perspective

When you drive your car and the “empty” gas tank light comes on, you go and fill up on gas, right? It doesn’t really matter what season it is or the time of day (hopefully a gas station is open), a car needs gas every time it runs out. That’s just how they operate. This is something we could consider routine, because it needs to be done on a regular basis, regardless of other factors.

With your heating system, it’s the same thing. It needs maintenance once a year. It doesn’t really matter when in the year you get it maintained, it just needs it at some point. So, if you missed maintenance in the past four seasons, you’re going to want to get it maintained regardless of other factors.

Now, if you’re deciding between getting your system maintained and skipping it for next year, here are some reasons why you might want to decide on the first option.

What Can Go Wrong?

First of all, heating maintenance is easier in the fall because it’s right before the brunt of the heating season. It’s a time when our technicians have less on their plate and can give you what you need more promptly. During the winter, our team can be busy with emergency heating calls, so sometimes it can just be harder to schedule an appointment. That doesn’t mean we can’t fit you in though!

Here are some reasons why you will want to get your system maintained before winter is over.

  • Cleaning and tuning the system up. Only a professional technician has the skills to accurately inspect, tune up, and clean your system’s components. This is just good housekeeping and is important for the system’s longevity.
  • Efficiency. Your heating system is designed to work as efficiently as possible. When it’s neglected, it will begin to use more fuel or energy to do the same job, effectively increasing the amount you pay on your heating bill each month.
  • Improved reliability. A well-maintained heating system is going to be more reliable than one that’s been neglected. A technician can make sure that all the components are in good shape before leaving them alone for another year.

Comfort’s just a call away! You can always count on Parker Services Inc for your next maintenance appointment. Contact us today.

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