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Heating Installation & Replacement in Tallahassee, FL

Heaters are intense pieces of machinery that can’t be installed by just anyone. Take it from some of our neighbors in the north who depend on these systems, they need to be treated like you’d treat your air conditioner, with respect and expertise. Thankfully, there are people in the Tallahassee, FL community who have worked with us before and are more than willing to share their experience of what it feels like to have a professional provide heating installation services.

Here at Parker Services Inc we pride ourselves on our heating installation services. We’ve been in the business for 30 years as a premier heating provider, and we’re owned and operated by a licensed mechanical engineer. If you want things to be calculated accurately and effectively, then you’re better off working with a team as well-trained and prepared as we are. Call us today!

Contact the crew at Parker Services Inc for the essential heating installation services you need. Comfort’s just a call away!

Furnace Installation

Do you need a furnace installed? It’s not just as simple as putting the new unit in and turning it on. Depending on the type of furnace and the model of furnace you’ve purchased, it could require involved installation with the help of a professional. Plus, you could void the warranty if you try to install it yourself or pay an amateur or family member to perform it for you.

Professional furnace installation starts with us coming and discussing what you need from your system. We can install it in the right place and will make sure it is correctly hooked up to gas lines or electrical outlets. We’ll also make sure that it works not only effectively in your home, but efficiently and doesn’t drain too much fuel or energy in the process. Seriously, your Tallahassee, FL home will thank you for working with us.

Boiler Installation

Boilers last a long time, but only when they’re treated with the expertise and care they deserve. These systems can be a revolutionary way of dealing with chilly temperatures for almost two decades, but if pipes are screwed in the wrong way or the tank is installed poorly, you’ll be lucky to get a few years out of the system before it starts causing problems.

By calling our Tallahassee, FL team, you’re working with professionals who have extensive experience with boiler installation for radiant heating. It can be hard to find a team that’s even seen a boiler in our area of Florida, not to mention worked with a system like that. We like to think we’re exceptional, and that there’s no heating system we can’t install right.

Ductless Heating Installation

Ductless heaters might be comprised of advanced technology, but they really do need just as much care and attention when they’re installed as any other system. By working with a team of professionals, you’re ensuring that the lines of refrigerant, condensate drain, and other vital components are hooked up in a way that won’t damage the system later on. With amateur service, all bets are off and you’re more likely to end up with expensive repairs down the line!

Here in Tallahassee, FL we depend on our ductless systems more than we do other systems. They’re both heating and cooling units, which means they’ve got a heavy load to take care of throughout the year. There’s no reason not to set yourself up for success by having this system installed by our team of pros today.

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