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Tallahassee, FL Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Air conditioners require maintenance throughout their lives. To say otherwise would be to greatly downplay the extent by which maintenance improves their lifespan and efficiency, and reduces the risk of repair. However, if you’re considering air conditioning maintenance services, they’re just not worth it if you’re going to invest in a team that doesn’t provide the quality care you’re looking for.

With Parker Services Inc, we’ll stake our 30-year reputation as a premier HVAC provider on our craftsmanship. We’re a team of qualified experts, led by a company owner who is a licensed mechanical engineer. We know how to perform AC maintenance services the right way. Feel free to call us, day or night, to schedule maintenance right way.

Contact the pros of Tallahassee, FL today for expert AC maintenance. Comfort’s just a call away!

Central AC Maintenance

Central air conditioners are supposed to be stable pieces of technology. When you purchase a professionally installed central AC, you want it to work affordably and effectively. If you neglect maintenance services, that goal gets harder and harder to achieve, which is why we implore you to sign up with our team today.

Refrigerant levels need to be checked, ball bearings need to be lubricated, and fan motors need to be secured in order for an air conditioner to function accurately. When one small issue arises, your whole system can dramatically decrease its cooling output, which means you’ll be dealing with scorching temperatures in Tallahassee, FL with no respite. Get peace of mind with our specialists by calling us for a central AC maintenance today.

Ductless AC Maintenance

Ductless systems run more expensive than central air conditioners, because they don’t require ductwork and run at an incredibly efficient ratio of cooling to energy consumption. That being said, no ductless system is going to run as smoothly as advertised if it doesn’t get the maintenance it requires. They could develop internal problems, run into electrical issues, or even start leaking condensate due to a clog in the condensate drain without a professional to perform yearly maintenance.

With our team, we understand how important ductless AC maintenance is and we’re not going to sugarcoat it. You need this service. If you’re fond of avoiding unnecessary repairs in the future, low energy bills, a long and healthy ductless AC lifespan, then sign up with our Tallahassee, FL pros today.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pumps are incredible pieces of modern technology. In order to cool a home with a heat pump, ignoring issues and avoiding maintenance are going to cause serious drawbacks down the line that are sure to make you unhappy. Heat pumps require yearly maintenance where a professional provides targeted, precise adjustments that are meant to increase cooling output and reduce energy consumption.

Sure, there are some things homeowners can do like change out the air filter or check for any strange behavior, but it’s never going to be enough for your system. Professional maintenance gets deep into the interior components of the system, the belts, ball bearings, refrigerant lines, and more to ensure every part of the machine is running smoothly. Don’t leave the survival of your HVAC system up to chance, schedule an appointment with our Tallahassee, FL team today.

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