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Comfort’s just a call away!


Serving Tallahassee, FL


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3 Tips for Boosting Heating Efficiency


Because our heating season is, oh, a thousand times less intense than our cooling season, it’s easy to downplay the importance of great heating efficiency. Then again, a lot of mistakes are pretty easy to make, aren’t they?

And that’s precisely what downplaying the importance of your heater’s efficiency is—a mistake. We may not deal with subzero temperatures around here like they do in the Northeast, but our nights drop down to the 50s, the 40s, and even the 30s regularly. That is more than enough reason to put some serious focus on your heater in Crawfordville.

Don’t trick yourself into thinking that high heating costs are just a part of the winter season. Make sure that you’re setting your heater—and your budget—up for success by doing what you can to boost its overall efficiency levels.

1. Change Your Air Filter Regularly

If there is one piece of advice we wish that every homeowner would take, it’s to change their air filter regularly. It’s so simple. They’re so affordable. And yet, folks overlook it. And that’s too bad.

Because a dirty air filter will cause you all sorts of problems.

The air filter in your forced air HVAC system isn’t there to boost indoor air quality. It’s there to protect your system itself from dust, dirt, and other contaminants. When that filter gets clogged, it can really increase airflow resistance in the system. When that happens, the system:

  1. Has to work harder to force heated air through the house, decreasing efficiency
  2. Faces added strain, increasing wear and tear on the system, decreasing efficiency
  3. Suffers otherwise avoidable operational issues, decreasing efficiency
  4. Overheats and can short cycle, starting and stopping too frequently, decreasing efficiency

Eventually, you could wind up with costly repair needs on your hands—much more costly than an air filter!

2. Replace Your Old Thermostat

Oh great, here comes the sales pitch. Don’t worry. We won’t tell you can only boost efficiency by investing in new, top-of-the-line equipment. But we will tell you that you should at least consider updating your thermostat if it’s outdated!

By using a programmable or smart thermostat (that is compatible with your existing system), you can actually boost efficiency and comfort at the same time. That’s a great deal if you ask us. So stop fiddling with that old, featureless model, and live more comfortably more affordably.

3. Schedule Routine Maintenance

Perhaps the only more important piece of advice than change your air filter when it comes to protecting efficiency and system performance is this: Schedule routine maintenance! It ensures that your system is in prime working condition and that it functions as safely, effectively, and efficiently as possible. Don’t overlook this vital service.

Our Peak Performance Service Program is just what you need to keep your system in peak condition. Scheduling routine maintenance and enjoying the benefits it has to offer has literally never been easier. Enroll today and save!

Schedule your heating services with Parker Services Inc. Comfort’s just a call away!

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