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Richard Farmer, Last month

Had new AC added to upstairs area where unit was installed in attic space. The crew was on time and very pleasant to work with. Installation went well, and the 6 month service did also. We have not had any problems of any kind.

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Adewale Adebayo, Last month

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Harri, Last month

Nolyo (lead svc eng) was very professional and knowledgeable when completing the HVAC maintenance. He communicated and provided frequent updates. He reviewed the contract terms and set clear expectations regarding the next services to be completed. I would like to suggest that his company provide their techs the ability to accept credit when they are on-site with a customer. I was mildly surprised that their company require them to call in credit card info...when chip capturing is so much more secure. Dynamic techs...great service.

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Patricia Davis, Last month
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John Bryant, Last month
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Byron Todd, Last month
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Richard Lynes, This year

Parker Services is a wonderful company from the top down. The employees are experienced, dedicated, and love working for their company. I have tired many HVAC services for our residential units, but I prefer Parker above all others. They are nice, work until the job is done, will NOT waste your time or money and are committed to doing the best job. Hands down the best company in Tallahassee.

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Armani Simon, This year

Very nice and went above and beyond to fix my AC unit.

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Ernie Ellison, This year
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Ron Ross, This year

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