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Comfort’s just a call away!


Serving Tallahassee, FL


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Yes, Duct Cleaning Is Worth It—Here’s Why!

If you’re like the average homeowner, you probably don’t think very much about the air ducts snaking their way through your home. Ductwork is hidden from view for a reason: they’re not exactly aesthetically pleasing and you really shouldn’t need to think about their condition too often. However, from time to time they will need some attention. Over the years they can accumulate pinhole leaks and tears, or improper installation could lead to loose joints later on. Lastly, you can find yourself with dirty ducts, which have a negative impact on not only your indoor air quality but your comfort and HVAC efficiency too.

Fortunately, you only need to turn to us for professional, comprehensive duct cleaning. And yes, it’s worth it! Read on to learn why.

Professional Duct Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

The primary reason many homeowners invest in professional duct cleaning is to improve the quality of their indoor air. Yes, it’s true that your HVAC systems have air filters. You may even have additional indoor air quality equipment to help with any air quality problems. However, these filters are installed at the return duct, where air first enters the system. The rest of your ductwork remains largely unprotected.

Allergens, dirt and debris, irritants, and germs can all infiltrate your ductwork by other means: through pinhole leaks and small tears like we mentioned above, or simply from years of going untouched. Professional duct cleaning allows our skilled and trained professionals to thoroughly eliminate dirt, dust, and other debris from your ductwork so it never has a chance to make it into your living space.

You’ll Have Better Performing HVAC Equipment

All of the dirt and debris that’s left to sit in your ductwork could interfere with the performance of your forced-air AC system and your heating system. The most efficient HVAC equipment cools or heats the air, then blows it back out into the rooms of the home via the most direct route: your ductwork! So dirty ductwork can cause friction and resistance that slows down the air.

If your ductwork is too full of debris, you might actually be paying more for your heating and air conditioning than you should. Worse, there’s a good chance your ductwork has major leaks, and you could use a professional to assess whether any part of your ductwork actually needs replacement or repair. We can check while we’re cleaning your ducts!

Only Hire a Qualified HVAC Pro For Your Duct Cleaning—Here’s Why!

It’s important to us for you to know that there are, unfortunately, scams out there. Duct cleaning is one of those services that’s only needed every few years. When done right, you will notice a difference. There will be less dust and other allergens in the air.

When done badly, you’ll be left with poor indoor air quality and potentially an HVAC system that’s not working efficiently. There are too many companies out there that call themselves duct cleaning companies but they don’t actually do a thorough job.

When you want to invest in duct cleaning, turn to a qualified HVAC contractor who has the accolades and the reviews to prove their worth!

For professional duct cleaning in Tallahassee, FL, contact Parker Services Inc today!

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