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Comfort’s just a call away!


Serving Tallahassee, FL


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It’s Never Too Late for This Important HVAC Service


When you live in Florida, you know that summer never really ends. Sure, temperatures cool down for a bit in the winter—maybe a handful of weeks if we are lucky. But ultimately, we end up using our air conditioning systems a lot more than our heaters, if we ever use our heaters!

We’re only half-joking about that.

Those of us in the southeast need to pay special attention to our air conditioning needs, because our cooling systems accumulate wear and tear at a lot faster rate than an air conditioner in, say, upstate New York.

This means that air conditioning maintenance is vital. While any HVAC professional will tell you that the best time to have this service done is in spring, “before you need your air conditioner the most,” when you live here there’s never a bad time for a tune-up.

In fact, consistency matters much more than timing. We encourage our customers to have AC maintenance done once a year—twice a year if you have a heat pump. Read on to learn why!

Routine Maintenance Means Fewer Repair Needs

Although there’s nothing that can stop all repair needs your air conditioner might ever need, due to natural wear and tear, maintenance definitely reduces the amount of repairs, or rather the expense of repairs, that your cooling system could otherwise need.

How does this work? Well, imagine this scenario:

A natural part of wear and tear is worn-down motor bearings. You may hear a squealing sound as this occurs, but before it gets really loud, it can be easy to ignore. So, you delay having it checked out and you don’t schedule maintenance, even though all the motor bearings need is a little lubrication from our team.

Months go by, and you never address it, until one day, the air conditioner just stops working. What happened?

Well, most likely, the friction created by the worn-down motor bearings caused the motor to completely overheat and burn out. So now you’re looking at a complete motor replacement, which is a much longer and more expensive repair need than simply relubricating some bearings!

Routine Maintenance Lengthens System Lifespan

Did you know that when your air conditioner is well cared for, it can last well over a decade? 10–15 years is about the average lifespan for an air conditioner.

For every year you skip routine maintenance, the efficiency of the equipment drops, and when efficiency drops, wear and tear accumulates faster. This means that your air conditioner won’t have the opportunity to last as long as it’s meant to.

If you’re lucky, an air conditioner that has never had maintenance will last about 5–7 years before it starts experiencing major problems, not excluding the need for premature system replacement and higher than average utility bills.

Maintenance is not about adding another service for your air conditioner. It’s about preventing emergency and unnecessary repair services for your air conditioner! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

To prevent AC repair in Quincy, FL, contact Parker Services Inc to schedule your next HVAC maintenance appointment!

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