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Comfort’s just a call away!


Serving Tallahassee, FL


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Why You Need a Professional for That AC Repair


When the temperature starts to rise this summer, you might run into an air conditioner problem that puts a serious halt to your comfort. This can be rather alarming, when an air conditioner stops sending out the cool air you expect it to, or doesn’t send out any air at all.

It’s tempting to handle repairs on your own. After all, HVAC technicians are busy and you have no time to waste! Plus, there are dozens of online tutorials, so what can go wrong?

Well, unfortunately, plenty. Attempting repairs on your own could lead to more problems with the air conditioner instead of less, can void the manufacturer’s warranty on the system, can leave you spending way more than you thought you’d have to and can even lead to injury.

Read on to learn just why it’s so important to call on a professional when you need a repair for your air conditioner… any repair!

We Have Insurance

Any reputable professional HVAC contractor or AC repair technician has to be licensed, bonded, and insured for the local area. These are just the basic requirements of being an HVAC professional.

This insurance protects the contractor, but it also protects you, our customer, from being liable for any damage or injury that can occur if you try to repair something on your own, or hire an amateur to do it for you.

A professional HVAC technician will keep your best interests in mind.

We Can Diagnose What’s Wrong

A large part of air conditioning repair is knowing what’s actually wrong with the system to begin with. Most AC repair symptoms can have multiple causes behind them. People without proper training won’t be able to find the actual reason for problems like low airflow, a drop in cooling power, an unresponsive thermostat, etc.

You Can Rely On Our Repairs

What’s the point of making or paying for repairs if the job is done incorrectly? Sure, it’s possible that a non-professional can correctly fix an air conditioner’s problem, but is “possible” really a gamble you want to take when it comes to your comfort and the comfort of your household?

If repairs go haywire, you might have an even more expensive problem to fix. A true professional will get the job done right, and won’t be satisfied until that point.

We Have the Right Tools

The very basic tools you can buy at a hardware store can be inadequate for fixing a complex piece of equipment such as a refrigerant-based air conditioner. Not to mention, if you don’t have the training to use those tools, you might do so incorrectly, and lead to bigger repair needs as a result.

If you’ve ever seen the fully stocked van of an HVAC professional, then you likely already understand the extent of the high-end tools necessary to get the work done.

We Are Quick!

This doesn’t mean we rush through AC repairs. But because we’ve been at this for a while, we’ve seen just about every AC repair need that is out there, and therefore we know how to get to work and get it resolved ASAP, whereas if you try to do it on your own or hire an inexperienced amateur, there is going to be a steep learning curve… and repairs will take that much longer.

For professional AC repair in Tallahassee, FL and beyond, contact Parker Services Inc today!

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