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Comfort’s just a call away!


Serving Tallahassee, FL


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Why It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Lighting

Lights are everywhere. They’re part of modern living and they’re also a part of what makes the holiday season so special. From outdoor lights to the track lighting that keeps your kitchen sparkling, we all depend on it in one way or another.

However, lighting has changed a lot in the past twenty years. Those old bulbs and track lighting system that was installed years ago is likely using more electricity than you’d like and will start becoming a hassle due to outdated components and broken fixtures. Before this starts becoming a headache, we think it’s time to talk about home lighting upgrades.

This is just one of many aspects of electrical installation in Tallahassee, FL that we can help you with. Once you’ve got a good idea of what’s bothering you, our team can quickly and effectively address it.

LED Bulbs: The Superior Light

LED bulbs come in all shapes and styles these days. They can pretty much create the soft lighting that you’re used to from incandescent bulbs, at a fraction of the energy consumption. They even last up to 14 years when compared to incandescent bulbs which can last a little over a month when used continuously. It’s just undeniable–LED bulbs are the superior bulbs to install in your home.

But many light fixtures and setups are just too hard to reach or require complex bulb installation. What do you do when you’re not sure what kind of bulb to get or how to reach the fixture itself? Just schedule an appointment with one of our professional electricians and we’ll handle it in no time.

Safe and Effective Wiring

Not only do your LED bulbs need to be installed correctly if you want to upgrade your home’s lighting, but the wiring that connects these bulbs to a power supply also needs to be in good shape. Wiring is not a job that should be done by inexperienced homeowners, and it’s something that we’d always recommend calling a professional for.

A simple job can turn very complex when you start opening up drywall and pulling out wires. Even in old homes, our team is experienced and trained in a way where we can come up with solutions that are fast and do no damage to your home.

Smart Home Integration

Ever since the pandemic, people have been cooking at home more and using their appliances instead of leaving the house. This is a big deal because people only have two hands, and if you’re using more devices, appliances, and cooking ingredients, you’ve got less time to flip a switch or plug something in.

Smart home integration is a key element of modern living that most of our customers could take advantage of. While you’re cooking a holiday dinner, you can use your voice to turn lights on or off, and even change the temperature on the thermostat as long as the right system is set up.

These changes might seem small, but they make measurable impacts on our day-to-day lives. Whatever can make your life easier is well worth the cost!

Comfort’s just a call away when you contact Parker Services Inc for an appointment!

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