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Comfort’s just a call away!


Serving Tallahassee, FL


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Signs That Your Heat Pump Needs Professional Repairs


When you live somewhere like Tallahassee, it’s nice to know that you can rely on a heat pump system any time of the year. Sure, our winters may be really brief–and it might even be laughable to call it a real “winter” to our friends and family up north–but if this year was any indication, every once in a while we need a great heating system in our home!

After all, nobody likes waking up in a chillier-than-expected home, especially when their heating system should have no trouble operating. So, maybe yours was making noise that sounded like it was operating, and some air was coming through the vents–but if it wasn’t actually keeping you warm, it’s a sign that something is amiss and your system needs help.

Read on as we uncover some of the common signs of a heat pump in disrepair, and if you notice any of them, please don’t hesitate to give our team a call for professional repairs.

Your Heat Pump May Need Repair If…

Knowing the signs that it’s time to schedule heat pump repair will help you save time and money in the long run. These are some of the signs you should keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground for…

1. Strange Noises: Heat pump systems are fantastic options for climates like ours–those with hot summers and relatively mild and brief winters–and operate relatively quietly. This makes them a leading choice for many homeowners throughout Tallahassee and the surrounding cities.

But if you hear something outside of the normal day-to-day sounds you normally hear, it’s time to give us a call. Switching back and forth from cooling to heating mode shouldn’t cause this, so don’t just brush it off. Reach out to the pros!

2. Bad Smells: If you didn’t have your heat pump professionally maintained this past fall, then that means it wasn’t properly cleaned. As a result, when you switched it over to heating mode you might have noticed a slight burning smell, which can happen when dust burns off the coils.

While this is relatively normal, the smell should dissipate within a few days if not sooner. If the smell sticks around, you could be detecting electrical wiring that is smoldering. Since this is a fire hazard, it’s time to give us a call.

3. Uneven Heating or Cooling: Unless you’re using a ductless heat pump system, and you’ve purposefully set the temperatures on them differently, your heat pump should be able to warm or cool your home up evenly. If this isn’t happening as it should, then it’s time to reach out to our team for professional repairs before the problem grows worse.

You might not even be facing a problem with the heat pump system itself–you may be facing a problem with the ductwork.

4. Lack of Professional Maintenance: As we alluded to above, a heat pump should have fall maintenance done, even though we use our heating systems relatively briefly.

If you have an aging heat pump system, then skipping fall maintenance can lead to operational problems, and there is a good chance you could have service issues you don’t even know about.

Heat pumps need maintenance twice a year since they are year-round climate control systems. And it’s not too late! Give us a call to schedule your next maintenance appointment.

For professional Tallahassee, FL heat pump services, contact Parker Services today!

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