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Comfort’s just a call away!


Serving Tallahassee, FL


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3 Advantages of Using a Boiler

These days, you have a lot of options when it comes to how you heat your home. The boiler is not the newest and most technologically advanced of these options. We’re the first to admit that. But you know what? The furnace is absolutely still one of the most popular home heating options out there.


Well, that’s what we’re diving into today! Boilers are tried and true in the truest sense of the phrase. They’ve been in use for literally centuries, and they are still very common in residential and commercial settings alike. You don’t earn that type of longevity by offering a middling performance. Let us handle your boiler services in Crawfordville, FL.

Energy Efficiency

When talking about the benefits of any given heating system, energy efficiency is the first place to look. Let’s face it, we all want to live comfortably. We don’t want to drain the old bank account in order to do so, though. With a boiler, that’s not really much of a concern. This is due to the fact that boilers are not forced air heating systems.

Forced air heating systems have their own advantages. But distributing heat throughout a home via a radiant heating system and a boiler is typically more efficient. Boilers heat water and send that heated water around the house through pipes, either under floors or to baseboards. There are no ducts to leak, and water retains heat better than air.


All modern heating systems are pretty reliable. That’s where centuries of engineering and technological advantages will get you. However, the boiler has some advantages in this area, as well. Mainly, this is due to the deceptive simplicity of these systems.

There are fewer moving parts in a boiler than a furnace. You don’t have fan motors to break down, etc. When you invest in a boiler and the maintenance that it needs annually, like any other heating system, you can count on a dependable heating performance.

It’s All About Comfort!

We mentioned radiant heating above, but we’re looping back to it. Why? Because the overall comfort that a radiant heating system, like a hydronic setup with a boiler, offers is usually considered superior over what you’d get from a forced air system. This is due to their heat distribution methods.

Forced air heaters can allow heat to rise up to the ceiling. This is simple science. Heat rises, and when you heat air, that air rises. Yes—like a hot air balloon. A radiant heating system doesn’t heat air, though. It heats objects directly.

Heat radiates up from the floor when you use an in-floor hydronic system. Heat transfers to that flooring from the water in the pipes, and then heats the floor. Which heats your feet, your body, the furniture, etc. Yes, a furnace will heat your house up. Yes, furnaces are immensely popular. But those who have experienced the comfort of a boiler firsthand rarely turn back.

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