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Serving Tallahassee, FL

Comfort’s just a call away!



Comfort’s just a call away!


Serving Tallahassee, FL


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No Heat? Here’s What to Do

Picture this: you arrive home after a busy day of work, and it’s finally starting to feel like fall. For many customers, it’s getting a lot easier to sleep now that the temperatures are getting chillier at night. However, you go home to check on how your furnace is doing, and it doesn’t turn on. Oh no!

When your furnace doesn’t work, it’s only a matter of time before your home becomes freezing. But don’t worry, we’ll give you some immediate assistance so you don’t have to encounter chilly weather for very long.

First, make sure you call our team to at least get a furnace repair in Tallahassee, FL on the books for a future appointment. This will ensure that your home gets heated eventually. Then, follow our lead on what to do while you wait for service.

Check the Weather

Hold your horses! The weather has been pretty erratic this year, so you might not need to worry about heating for at least another month while you wait for your appointment. Sure, you should still schedule furnace repair if the system isn’t working properly, but we’d advise you to check the weather before you panic.

Temperatures might stay in the 70s and 80s until November in Tallahassee, so it’s entirely possible that your heating system isn’t really needed until then. This gives you plenty of time to schedule the right appointment with a professional.

Mark Your Appointment in the Calendar

For our more punctual customers, sometimes it can feel heartwrenching to schedule an appointment in the future and then miss it due to unforeseen circumstances. We totally understand, but one tip that always does customers well is to put a reminder on your calendar for the appointment.

This serves two functions–one to remind you of the actual appointment so it’s not accidentally missed. The second function is to remind you that help is coming and you’re only without heat for that much longer.

Clean Up Around Your Heating Equipment

When a professional technician addresses your furnace problem, they’re going to need to examine the system in its entirety. This includes your thermostat as well.

The area around a heating system needs to be clear in order for a trained technician to have adequate access to the unit. The cleaner the area is, the less time the appointment is likely to take.

Budget Your Finances

Before your long-awaited appointment arrives, make sure you double-check your bank account to ensure you’re not stressed out about the costs of furnace repair. Depending on what could be wrong with your system, the fix could be anything from a quick adjustment to an entire system replacement if it’s old and broken.

Furnace problems can always cause customers to feel anxious about finances and paying for repairs. But we’ll always work with our customers to ensure that the fix is the right price for them and their budget. We even have financing options to help with your payment so that you can focus on having heat first.

With Parker Services Inc, Comfort’s just a call away! Schedule a furnace repair with our team today.

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