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Serving Tallahassee, FL

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Comfort’s just a call away!


Serving Tallahassee, FL


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Staying Warm When Heat Is Scarce

People don’t often associate areas like Tallahassee, FL with being cold. In fact, it’s pretty obvious why people associate warmth and beach weather with the “sunshine state.” We’re happy with being the best location for retirement and some truly excellent theme parks, but people should still be wary of getting chilly during the winter.

All it takes is one chilly night during the winter months to call your comfort into question. That old furnace might not be as reliable as it once was, now that it’s almost 20 years old. It’s even been a few years since you turned it on, so maybe it’s more of a health hazard than a heating appliance at this point.

Well, we’d first argue that customers should have a plan in place and call Parker Services Inc for HVAC installations in Tallahassee, FL. But for those who either can’t afford that kind of work right now or need some time to save up, here are some tips to stay warm when heat is hard to find.

Old-Fashioned Winter Tips

So, if you’re trying to stay warm but you don’t have the normal benefit of a central heater, here are a few things you can do.

  • It’s soup season! Winter is soup season and for a good reason! Soup is nutritious, delicious, and its large amount of hot water will keep you warm for hours.
  • Warm layers and body heat. There’s nothing wrong with rocking a casual sweatshirt when things feel chilly. Long underwear can also be a good option for a chilly night. Also, snuggling up for a movie can be a great way to spread body heat.
  • Blankets, blankets, blankets. Blankets are the key to staying cozy. Use multiple layers of them, and invest in blankets that are made of fleece or other warm materials.
  • Move around and exercise. Moving around can be a great way to keep blood flowing and increase body heat. Try going for a jog in warm clothes, or doing some dancing! You’ll feel the results in minutes.
  • Stay hydrated with warm water. Hydration is key to staying safe and healthy in the wintertime, but cold water can be uncomfortable to drink when you’re chilly. Try making some hot tea or even drinking a glass of warm water to stay hydrated and comfortable at the same time!

Don’t Forget to Repair or Replace Your Heater

In truth, these tips will only get you so far. While things might warm up faster in Tallahassee, FL than they do in other parts of the country, a cold front can come every year. Having a proper, working heating system is just an important aspect of living.

So, if your heating system is broken, do yourself a favor and get it repaired by our team of professionals. Or, if it’s in need of replacement, it might be time to think about a new HVAC system that can keep you happy and comfortable. New heat pumps, for example, can be both heating and air conditioning systems in one with stellar efficiency ratings that keep your utility bills to a minimum. The options are available right now!

Contact Parker Services Inc for HVAC services or more helpful tips!

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