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Comfort’s just a call away!


Serving Tallahassee, FL


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When a Furnace Fix Is a Big Deal

The term “big deal” means different things to different people. Some people think that a miscalibrated thermostat is a big deal that warrants addressing immediately. While others might think that a furnace problem isn’t much of a big deal at all, especially as we near the end of winter.

However, there are some things that are universal big deals that we’d like customers to know more about–like gas leaks or issues with your blower fan. Separating furnace repairs in Tallahassee, FL into two categories (big deals and small issues) could be an excellent way to figure out whether you need an emergency response now, or if you can wait until the temperatures warm up to get your system fixed.

Just make sure you work with our team of licensed and insured professionals to diagnose your problems, regardless of whether they’re big or small deals.

Big Deals Vs. Small Issues

First, we’d like to say that any problem you encounter could be a big deal depending on your lifestyle and situation. We’re not here to minimize anyone’s concerns or stress. But there can sometimes be a fundamental difference between the risks of a gas leak vs. the risks of a clogged air filter. One could potentially endanger you and your family while the other is something that will have other consequences.

Big Deal Problems

Here are some issues that we’d categorize as big deals. These need to be addressed immediately and we’d recommend calling for our support the moment you detect them.

  • Foul odors. Gas leaks can be detected as foul odors, as well as mold infestations. Both of these issues are hazardous for your health and the safety of your home. Get any foul odors dealt with quickly and effectively by a professional.
  • A cold home. Depending on how cold it is outside, this could be a serious problem that warrants immediate attention. Call our team to address your cold house.
  • A cracked heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is the component responsible for keeping the breathable, safe air of your house separate from the fumes and exhaust of your furnace. A crack in this component could be a major safety concern.
  • Health and safety concerns. Fatigue, headaches, nausea, dizziness… All of these are signs of a potential carbon monoxide leak that warrants an emergency call.

Small Issues

These are problems that, while still pretty serious, might not endanger your family or lifestyle the same way the above issues would.

  • Clogged air filter. A clogged air filter is a bad thing to encounter. But it can be dealt with by a homeowner and doesn’t warrant immediate repairs.
  • Poor comfort control. You might need a thermostat upgrade or recalibration, but as long as your home is warm enough to live in, this wouldn’t be considered an emergency.
  • Bad air circulation. Your air ducts could be in rough shape which is causing bad circulation throughout your house, but just make sure you get this dealt with in the coming months.
  • Inefficiency. Inefficiency is not good and it can be a huge drain on your budget. Luckily, you’ve still got some time to plan on getting this issue fixed in the future.

Schedule repairs with Parker Services Inc for your big and small issues. Comfort’s just a call away!

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