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Serving Tallahassee, FL

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Comfort’s just a call away!


Serving Tallahassee, FL


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How to Use Your HVAC More Efficiently and Breathe Easier!


If there is anything we know about our customers, it’s that they like to be as comfortable as possible in their homes, as affordably as possible! And if there’s anything our homeowners don’t always consider, is how their indoor air quality plays a role in this.

Without the right products and services in place, your indoor air quality can actually be worse than the quality of air outdoors. One of these services is professional duct cleaning. While this isn’t a service you typically need each year, like professional HVAC maintenance, it is definitely one you should invest in at least every 2-3 years. Read on to learn why!

Boost Your Indoor Air Quality

The primary reason that many homeowners have regular duct cleaning done is to improve their overall indoor air quality. Sure, your HVAC systems have an air filter. But this filter is in place to protect the heating or cooling system, not your indoor air quality.

Even if you have the right indoor air quality products and services in place, things like air purifiers and air filtration systems are installed at the return duct, where air first enters the system, while the rest if your ductwork remains pretty much unprotected.

What this means is that allergens, irritants, germs, dust, and other debris can get inside your air ducts, typically through cracks in the air ducts, through the vents, or just from years of sitting untouched. Professional duct cleaning from our team allows us to fully eliminate the debris, so that allergens and germs are less likely to make their way into your home.

Boost HVAC Efficiency

All the dirt and debris that could very well be present in your HVAC ductwork right now can actually interfere with the performance of your forced-air air conditioner or heating system. The most efficient HVAC systems cool or heat the air, then blow it back out to the rooms of your home via the most direct route–your ductwork. So, dirty air ducts can create friction and resistance, slowing down airflow.

If your air ducts get too clogged up with dirt, you’ll likely find yourself paying more for heating and air conditioning than you should have to. Even worse, there’s a fair chance that your air ducts have major leaks. You could use a professional to assess whether any part of your air ducts actually needs replacement, which can be conducted during your cleaning appointment.

What You Need to Know About Potential Duct Cleaning Scams

We feel that it’s pretty important for our customers to know that there are, unfortunately, scams out there. Or at least, companies that overpromise how much they actually do when they conduct duct cleaning.

For a truly thorough and effective job, it’s important to entrust this work with a qualified HVAC professional, who understands all the intricacies of your ductwork and is far less likely to cause any sort of damage while completing this service.

Parker Services Inc is your trusted resource for quality duct cleaning in Tallahassee, FL. Contact us today!

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