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Comfort’s just a call away!


Serving Tallahassee, FL


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3 Secret Thermostat Tips

Thermostats are incredibly powerful these days. They have the potential to revolutionize the way homeowners interact with their HVAC systems. They contain more sensitive and high-quality monitoring software, while also having easy to navigate user interfaces that come with touch screens, voice activation, and more.

But to a lot of people, this all just sounds extra. Having these great new methods of controlling your home’s temperature aren’t really necessary, right? Many people think an old analog thermostat will still work just fine for a home, it’s the HVAC system behind the scenes that really counts.

Unfortunately, as technology advances, this is becoming less and less true. Old and unpredictable thermostats are not only doing a worse job at controlling the temperature inside, but they’re making things less efficient in the process. With a new Wi-Fi thermostat in Tallahassee, FL, as well as these three industry secrets, you’ll get a tighter, more responsive HVAC system as a result.

1. Wi-Fi Connectivity Means Better Control

If you upgrade to a Wi-Fi connected thermostat, you’re not just making your life more convenient. You’re getting more control over your HVAC system as a result. Let’s explore this.

Wi-Fi connectivity means that you get to control the system from anywhere in the world where you have a connection to your smartphone. If you’re at work, on vacation, or even stuck in traffic on the way home, you have precise control over the temperature and humidity of your home.

This can be great for many situations, from hosting a party after work to ensuring that your home’s AC takes a break when you’re not home, eliminating waste on your energy bill. Control gives you the opportunity to cut costs where they’re not needed, and to feel more comfortable as a result.

2. Program Your Thermostat for High Efficiency

Control is great, but what about automation? Can your thermostat eliminate waste on its own, without your input? Absolutely!

Introducing the smart thermostat, which is a system that is designed to locate areas where your HVAC system is working unnecessarily hard and stop it. These can include a hard-working AC in the middle of the night or a system that’s working too hard while you’re at work.

Both of these situations have you either asleep or gone, meaning you’re not really conscious to feel the temperature difference of a few degrees. If your AC decides to lighten the load and allow the temperature to slightly increase by a few degrees, that can save you a lot on your monthly energy bill.

3. Get Your Thermostat Evaluated

Sometimes, the trick isn’t the type of thermostat you have but the location and setup of the thermostat itself.

For instance, if you installed your thermostat yourself, or you trusted an amateur to set it up, you might have doomed your home comfort from the start. Thermostats need to be set up in centralized areas of your home, away from direct sunlight and places where drafty air might influence the temperature monitor.

Similarly, thermostats are complex electrical systems. A botched installation could mean that it’s miscalibrated or reading things incorrectly, leading to a system that runs too frequently or too much.

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