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Comfort’s just a call away!


Serving Tallahassee, FL


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Combat the Heat: 4 Tips for Better Ductless AC

If you’ve got a fully functioning air conditioner, especially a ductless system, then you’re already halfway there on your path to successfully combatting the heat. Many tips about staying cool during record-breaking heatwaves just can’t adequately be followed if the temperature is too hot or humid.

There’s only so much you can do with water and good habits, but an air conditioner gives you the temperature control you need to stay cool and safe.

However, there are ways to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of your AC like investing in a ductless AC tune-up in Tallahassee, FL. Tips like these can be huge boons to your comfort and your budget, and the more you know about these practices the more likely you are to participate in them.

So, let’s talk about some great tips that can give you the comfort and efficiency boost you need to make it through the rest of the summer.

1. Set Each System Accordingly

First things first, let’s talk about how to properly set a thermostat for a ductless air conditioning system.

As you know, each air handler can be set to a different temperature threshold. You’ve likely either got thermostats set up in strategic locations, or one thermostat that coordinates with each ductless mini split. Either way, these should be set to a temperature threshold that won’t break the bank.

For instance, don’t try to set the temperature lower than 20 degrees below the outdoor temperature. It might be hot, and you might want to cool down your home as quickly and as effectively as possible, but that will be done regardless of how low you set the thermostat. Setting it too low will only cause it to run longer and less efficiently.

A mild temperature setting will ensure it reaches the demand and continues to monitor it.

2. Close Off Unused Areas of Your Home

Here’s one way to drastically improve your home’s cooling throughout the summer–strategically only use certain air handlers.

Schedule a movie night or a game night where you spend most of your time as a family in the living room. This means you can enjoy the cooling comfort from one air handler that is in charge of cooling that location.

Or, when you decide to go to bed, just utilize the air handler in your bedroom to keep that specific area cool. This gives the other air handlers a break and allows you to save money on strategic cooling.

3. Use Conventional Cooling Methods

Don’t count out conventional cooling methods! Ceiling fans can help circulate air and allow the temperature to be lowered by a few extra degrees. Wear thin clothes that allow your body to breathe. Also, make sure you stay hydrated with plenty of water so you don’t exacerbate the health effects of heat on your body.

These kinds of rules should be followed no matter how powerful your air conditioning is. Your personal health comes first, and these tips will help you stay comfortable and safe.

4. Invest in a Tune-Up Maintenance

Want to maximize the power and energy efficiency of your ductless mini splits? Then schedule a tune-up with our team of professionals so they can adjust the settings and maintain the components to extend the system’s lifespan considerably.

Contact Parker Services Inc for more tips or to schedule maintenance. Comfort’s just a call away!

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